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New Wellness Patient Portals

NEW! Patient portals are here and available at no charge to our patients. Ready to get in shape and feel great? We are so excited to unveil our personalized, customized diet and exercise plans. Some highlights of this new patient portal are: Diets with Daily Menus and Calorie Counts • Gluten Free • Paleo Diet […]

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Sumo Wrestling, Counter-Intuitive Weight Loss

Often times many people will try to lose weight using just their own common sense. Less soda, more water. Less fast food, more fresh foods. Less sugar and sweets, more vegetables. Less couch time, more activity. And quite often that’s all it takes (of course with an added dose of motivation). However, there are many […]

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Caution! Swimsuit Season Ahead

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true. Swimsuit season is right around the corner, and it’s time to prepare. Some of you may have already gone through that dreaded ritual–your “first appearance of the year” in swimming attire (of course, only in front of your mirror). Others may be putting it off, hoping to […]

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Happy New Year! Wishing You and Your Family Health, Happiness & Prosperity

Lose weight. Exercise more. Stop smoking. Eat better. With each new year comes new resolutions, or perhaps last years – recycled. Attention Resolution Makers – The good news is that you’re much more likely to make improvements than someone who hasn’t made a formal resolution.  Here are some tips to help you stay on track […]

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New Product Alert – Daily Multi-Vite, For Your Health

There are many things we can do to improve our overall health, such as exercise, losing weight and getting proper nutrition. Here is another… We are happy to announce the addition of our new daily multivitamin product…Daily Multi-Vite. If you are not currently on a multivitamin, you should be.  Do something good for yourself, start […]

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Exercise Is The Fountain of Youth

Exercise can help people lose weight, increase energy and improve outlook. But, here’s added bonus: studies show that those who exercise also are physically younger. Who couldn’t appreciate that? The fitness-age connection Keeping fit can help your life expectancy in two ways, according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. It can decrease […]

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

Prevention is Better than Cure! It looks like Mom was right when she said, “eat your fruits and vegetables”. Fruits and vegetables contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals (components in food which offer protection against disease such as cancer). The fat-free, low calorie nature of fruits and vegetables makes them ideal for […]

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ANDI Score – The Healthiest Foods

Now there is a way to calculate which fruits and veggies are the most nutrient dense.  ANDI stands for “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index.” An ANDI score shows the nutrient density of a food on a scale from 1 to 1000 based on nutrient content.  A value of 1000 being the most nutritious per calorie, and […]

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Muscle Vs. Fat

Muscle Vs. Fat – The Benefits of Building Lean Muscle If you have recently started working out, and the scale isn’t budging, or even worse, it keeps going up, but your clothes are fitting better and you are feeling smaller, don’t be discouraged. The scale is just one tool used to measure your weight loss […]

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LetsLose is now partnering with Gyn Clinics

What a match made in heaven!  LetsLose, Advanced Weight Loss Clinics is making weight loss more convenient to our patients by partnering with Gyn clinics.  This is truly a win-win situation.  Good for the patients &  good for the doctor. The patients benefit from this partnership as convenient new clinics are opened in an established […]

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