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Pinterest – A Great Resource for Quick & Healthy Meal Plans

Are you looking for a better way to feed your family but short on time. Pinterest is a great resource for quick and easy, yet healthy meals and snacks. From themed dinners to summer time grilling, yes, Pinterest pretty much has it all. To get the most out of meal times, planning is essential.  Make […]

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Caution! Swimsuit Season Ahead

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true. Swimsuit season is right around the corner, and it’s time to prepare. Some of you may have already gone through that dreaded ritual–your “first appearance of the year” in swimming attire (of course, only in front of your mirror). Others may be putting it off, hoping to […]

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The Importance of Breakfast when Dieting

    Often times many people will try to lose weight using just their own common sense. Less soda, more water. Less fast food, more fresh foods. Less sugar and sweets, more vegetables. Less couch time, more activity. And quite often that’s all it takes (of course with an added dose of motivation). However, there […]

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Good News for Alabama State Employees

The Alabama State Employees Insurance Board (SEIB) will cover approved physician supervised weight management and nutritional counseling programs. The SEIB will reimburse up to 80% of the cost of a physician supervised weight management program and/or nutritional counseling, with no deductible, not to exceed $150 per calendar year. This is great news, it means that […]

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Send Treats To The Troops

Get rid of all that candy & donate it to our troops!! Save yourself the calories by bringing your candy by noon on Friday, November 7th to Cahaba Heights Pediatric Dentistry, they will be shipping it to our troops overseas as part of Operation Gratitude! For more information, contact Cahaba Heights Pediatric Dentistry at  205-490-6850.

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Easy Healthy Breakfast Wraps

Start your morning off right with this healthy scrambled egg wrap. Be sure to use whole wheat tortillias. A few variations: add spinach, chopped tomatoes, feta cheese & basil or salsa and avocado. Another great breakfast idea is the whole wheat banana wrap, made with either peanut butter or almond butter. Be creative, the wrap […]

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New Wellness Patient Portals

NEW! Patient portals are here and available at no charge to our patients. Ready to get in shape and feel great? We are so excited to unveil our personalized, customized diet and exercise plans. Some highlights of this new patient portal are: Diets with Daily Menus and Calorie Counts • Gluten Free • Paleo Diet […]

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Dieting Self-Sabotage

Sometimes when it comes to weight loss, your life depends on it.. For many of us, there comes a time in our lives when we absolutely MUST lose weight or we could develop some very severe health consequences. Our friends have tried to talk to us, our doctors have warned us to lose weight , […]

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Weight Loss, One Pound at a Time

In order to achieve weight loss, we need to be fully committed. Sometimes the bathroom scale can actually play tricks on our mind. In order to create weight loss, we need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily. When we exercise, we are actually building muscle. Since muscle takes up less physical mass than fat, […]

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Finding Joy in Exercise

Let’s face it, even though we all know how important exercise is, most people do not find joy in exercising, and some even feel like it is a chore or a mundane task. The key is to do something that you love. Throwing a Frisbee with the family, not only brings you closer to your […]

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